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Comparte tu energía. EDP

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EDP, sport's official energy

This meeting platform for everyone wanting to share their energy is driven by EDP, the energy company and sponsor of the main fun runs on the calendar, including the EDP Rock and Roll Madrid Marathon and Half Marathon, and the EDP Trinidad Alfonso Marathon in Valencia.

At EDP, we believe that visual impairment should not be an impediment to do the sport you love. Therefore, we are sharing our energy with all running enthusiasts so that everyone who wants to can run. And sharing energy also means sharing the challenges, achievements and the goal.

Martín Fiz, EDP ambassador

This European and World marathon champion is the standard-bearer for the project and will share his energy by running with Pablo Cantero, the blind athlete. They are now inviting you to follow in their steps.


Are you ready to share your energy?

Register here by filling in your profile. We will look for runners who are the best fit with you so you can begin to run together. And if at the end of your training, you want to take part together in any of our races, the entry bibs will be a gift from us!



This race has only just begun!

And the first tips that two leading runners have given us so that your energy is unstoppable.


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